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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Market Shifts

Here are some of the recent market movements that I've observed for players on my watch list:
  • Ken Griffey Jr. - Last month, Griffey's 89 UD RC was selling for a TAC of just less than $20. So far in June, demand has been picking, as he closes in on the prestigious 600 HR career mark. He's 22 HR away, and at his current pace, he should reach this milestone before the end of the season. His June avg TAC is at $24.85; about a 20-25% increase vs. May. As long as he stays healthy and keeps on hitting, expect this classic RC to continue to rise.
  • Alex Rodriguez - A Rod's 94 SP RC has had its ups & downs this season. From the beginning of June through 6/10, it averaged $61.17 TAC. On 6/10 he hit 2 HR, sparking another jump in his top RC card. Since 6/11, the average TAC has risen to $78.84; a 29% increase! In addition to him leading the majors in HR & RBI this season, there's also the countdown for him to become the youngest member of the 500 HR club. He's 11 away, so I'm guessing that he'll hit number 500 sometime in July. If he can stay on track, I can only see positives for his key RC's.
  • Cole Hamels - Hamels has been one of the hottest pitchers in the league, leading the NL with 9 W's & 104 K's. His ERA of 3.47 isn't the best (but not bad either), but collectors are willing to overlook that for now, paying above book for his 02 Bowman Chrome Draft RC. Expect to dish out $35 to $40 TAC for this one.
  • Elijah Dukes - Dukes' off the field problems continue to accumulate. In addition to the the restraining order filed by his wife, he has to contend with cases against him for marijuana possession & having consensual sex with a 17-year old girl, who claims to be carrying his baby. He wasn't in the D-Rays' line-up yesterday, and it sounds kinds of questionable about his future with the team. All 3 versions of his 07 Bowman Auto RC's have experienced big drops in TAC this week vs. last week. His base went from $23.92 to $16.71 (-30%), his Blue #'d 500 went from $22.52 to $18.70 (-17%), and his Orange #'d 250 went from $36.87 to $18.80 (-49%). I expect prices to keep falling until it's confirmed that Dukes will return. *Just read that Dukes was with the team today for their game against the Padres, but wasn't included in the line-up.
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