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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Player Focus: Gilbert Arenas Part 2

As I was saying in this blog two days ago, it'll take something special to keep the fire in Gilbert Arenas' cards going. Then one day later what does he do? Lights up one of the best in the West, the Utah Jazz, for 51 points, including a game winning buzzer beating 3, and only has ONE turnover in the entire game! If that doesn't do it, nothing will!

Keep an eye on his key 01-02 RC's as they will continue to rise in value. I would rank his top 5 base RC cards to be: 1) SP Authentic Auto #'d 1525 ($80), 2) Ultimate Collection #'d 750 ($50), 3) Topps High Topps Auto #'d 850 ($50), 4) UD Inspirations Dual Auto w/ Mo Pete #'d 1149 ($40), and 5) SPx #'d 1999 ($30).

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