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Friday, January 19, 2007

Player Focus: Kwame Brown's Cake Ordeal

Did all of you hear what happened with Kwame Brown last week outside a bar in one of the L.A. beach cities? On the news they said some guy had just came from his own 30th birthday party, and was walking with his large birthday cake in his arms when he came across Brown, Ronny Turiaf & Lamar Odom outside a bar. He said that Turiaf took a picture with him, but Brown, for some bizarre reason we don't know, took the cake away from the man and threw it onto the man's back! And I was just thinking that Brown seems to have finally matured and was ready to take on the responsibilities that the Lakers deeply want to bestow upon him. The report said that Brown then jumped into his car and left. Supposedly the man tried to approach them after that at some other location and someone, identified as possibly Odom's bodyguard, pushed the man to the ground. Odom told the bodyguard to stop because the man didn't do anything. Both partys then parted ways.

I don't know whether to believe that this whole ordeal was unprovoked or not, but that report sure didn't do anything good for Brown's image. It seems that the judge threw out the case, so maybe the altercation wasn't just so one sided.

I hope that Brown & Odom will keep focused on what they need to do, namely rehabbing and coming back to play at 100% at the end of the month. The Lakers have really missed all of Odom's many skills, and they need Brown back to alternate with Bynum at center. Especially since Bynum seems to be a magnet to foul trouble (something that he'll probably outgrow with experience).

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