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Monday, January 15, 2007

My View: Best RC Set for 05-06

After seeing all of the MANY RC sets in the 05-06 year, I'd have to say my favorite is the SP Authentic Auto/Patch RCs #'d 1/1299 to 100/1299. These cards are in affordable packs, they're rare, they're unique (the 1st 100 of the base RC set) and they give you just as much as the unaffordable Exquisite Coll RC set (an auto & patch, with a low serial #). All of the Exquisite Coll RCs have been selling for unbelievable amounts (many over 100% of BV), even for the players that haven't done anything yet in the NBA. This SPA set on the other hand has kind of cruised by under the radar, selling for quite low % of BV levels. I've watched all of these RCs listed from 11/28/06 thru 1/14/07 on auction, and the average % of BV selling price was 67.9%. Some lucky collector picked up a Salim Stoudamire for $21.50 (26.9% of the $80 BV). Also, an Andrew Bogut sold on 1/7 for $51.55, 32.2% of the $160 BV. Of the 18 sales that I watched, only 3 sold for over 100% of BV; a Deron Williams (104.2% of BV on 1/3), a David Lee (107.5% of BV on 1/10) and a Jason Maxiell (114.7% of BV on 1/13). The Chris Paul from this set only books for $400, and the one that I saw sell on 1/10 went for $322.11 incl S&H. Much more affordable than the Exquisite Coll #'d 99 that books for $3200!

I feel like this set is on the verge of a hobby breakthrough, so if you want in, better get moving!

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