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Friday, November 10, 2006

NBA Sleepers Part 5

Tyson Chandler (NO/Okla Hornets, 01-02 RC) - Chandler's RC cards started out hot, then cooled and seem to have settled at their current level. He seems to have joined an exciting team this season. The Hornets have a young, talented starting line up with Paul, West, Stojakovic & Mason, and I think Chandler will fit in quite well and will have a break out season. His RC cards are fairly priced. From top to bottom, some of his RC cards I like are SPx Spectrum Auto/Jsy #'d 25 ($250), Spx Auto/Jsy #'d 750 ($50), SP Authentic Auto #'d 1275($40), UD Flight Team Key Signatures Auto #'d 100 ($20) and UD Sweet Shot Rookie Memorabilia Jsy #'d 600 ($20). Hopefully he can maintain a double-double avg & help the Hornets get to the playoffs. The Hornets should get a lot of attention with Chris Paul running the floor.

Shane Battier (Hou Rockets, 01-02 RC) - I think that Battier is one of the more underated small forwards in the game. The Rockets picked him hoping that he could be a third scorer, along with T-Mac & Yao. The new Rockets GM in-training is one of the new age managers basing player decisions on calculations to see how effective players really are, not just looking at their plain stats (i.e. ppg, rpg, etc). We'll see if his pick lives up to his expectations. Battier doesn't have that many RC cards, but his higher priced ones are Topps Chrome Ref ($24), Topps Chrome Black Ref #'d 50 ($48) andUltimate Collection #'d 250 ($30). Some of his better RCs (and moderately priced) are SPx #'d 1999 ($10), SP Authentic #'d 550 ($8), UD Sweet Shot Rookie Memorabilia Jsy #'d 600 ($12), Topps Xpectations #'d 250 ($25), UD Legends #'d 500 ($12) and Topps Pristine Ref #'d 250 ($18). If you notice that for the year 01-02, I don't pick the Hoops Hot Prospects Jsy RCs because I just can stand the way they look!

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