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Thursday, November 09, 2006

NBA Sleepers Part 4

Ronny Turiaf (LA Lakers, 05-06 RC) - Here's a guy that almost didn't get to play in the NBA. After being taken by the Lakers, and having successful heart surgery, he has become one of the hardest working players that I've seen. Great attitude, great team player, and gives 100%. He doesn't have that many RC cards, so picking them all up wouldn't be that much of a challenge. Prices for his cards are still relatively low, so I'd get his best ones. Exquisite Collection Auto #'d 225 ($80), Exquisite Collection Gold #'d 25 ($75) & Greats of the Game Auto #'d 99 ($80). Some of his more affordable cards are SP Game Used SIGnificance #'d 100 ($30), UD Hardcourt Signatures ($15 - what a deal!) & UD Rookie Debut Hotagraphs 1:336 packs ($25). Turfiaf will play a key role on this young Lakers team, along with Bynum & Walton.

Luke Walton (LA Lakers, 03-04 RC) - Walton is becoming what the Lakers had previously hoped Devean George would become - a SF with a well-rounded game, and with a high basketball IQ. Walton has started the first 5 games of this season, and is avg 14 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 3.8 apg, 1.2 spg and is shooting .617 FG% and .833 3P%. Just needs improvment with his .583 FT% (although he's a career .717 FT%, so I'm sure that won't last). Walton has tons of RC cards, so I'd be selective on which ones to buy. For lower priced, high quality RCs, there's Finest Auto #'d 999 ($20), SP Sig Sinatures Auto ($20), Ultra Signatures Auto #'d 350 ($15), UD Rookie Exclusives Auto ($15). For a little more, you can get Bowman Sig Auto/Jsy ($25), Hoops Hot Prospects Auto/Jsy #'d 400 ($20), SPx Auto/Jsy #'d 1999 ($30), Ultimate Collection Auto #'d 250 ($40), SP Authentic Auto #'d 1250 ($25). For his high end RCs, there's Topps Rookie Photo Shoot #'d 56 ($80), Finest Gold Ref Auto #'d 25, Bowman Sig Gold Auto/Jsy #'d 99 ($62.50), Exquisite Collection Auto/Jsy #'d 225 ($120) & SP Game Used Rookie Exclusives Auto #'d 100 ($60) & SPx Spectrum Auto/Jsy #'d 25.

more to come!

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