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Sunday, June 04, 2006

400-400 Man

The one active player that could very likely become a 400 HR - 400 SB career player is 30 y.o. Alfonso Soriano. The only other player EVER to do this is Barry Bonds (700+HR-500+SB). Although he may never join the 500 HR or 3000 Hit clubs, the 400-400 club is even more exclusive, with only one member so far! Guys like Vlad Guerrero & Andruw Jones who could've possibly done it have really seen a tapering off in their SB's in recent years. Soriano has 181 HR-182 SB so far. His Finest Gold Ref RC #'d to 100 books for $80. Sounds like a relative deal compared to his Bowman Chrome Intl Ref RC, also #'d to 100, booking for $150, his regular BC Ref RC (not numbered) booking for $100, and his UD Ultimate Victory Parallel RC #'d to 100 booking for $150.

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