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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Young Pitchers on the Move

There are so many bright pitching prospects right now, breaking into the majors. Those whose cards are already on the move are guys like Justin Verlander (Det), Jered Weaver (LAA), Cole Hamels (Phi), Francisco Liriano (Min) & Scott Kazmir (Tam). They're all in their early 20's and pitching very well for their respective teams. Only problem (for me at least) is that their RC cards are already becoming quite an investment ($75 to $100+ for their top Ref or Auto RCs).

Some of the pitchers in this age group that I think could become good investments are Ian Snell (Pit), Paul Maholm (Pit), Zach Duke (Pit), Ricky Nolasco (Fla), Mike O'Conner (Was), Elizardo Ramirez (Cin) & Ervin Santana (LAA). Like the list of players in the 1st paragraph, these guys are young and starting for their respective teams. They've all had highs & lows in their short careers. All of their key RC's (except maybe Duke) can be had for a fraction of those players listed previously. It'll be interesting to see which of them will be able to get it together and join the ranks of other star pitchers. We also can't forget about currently slumping Dontrelle Willis. Gotta remember he's only 24 y.o. and he's already got 497 K's in 679 IP. Only 1 year older than Verlander (54 K's in 89 IP) but alot further along in his career already.

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