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Friday, June 02, 2006

Young Veteran Pitchers with Long Term Potential

A few of the pitchers that I think have long term investment potential are C.C. Sabathia (Cle - Age 25), Carlos Zambrano (Chi - Age 25), Jeremy Bonderman (Det - Age 23). These young pitchers started their MLB careers fairly early and are in the starting rotations for their respective teams. Sabathia, who's showing alot of dominance this season, is only 25 and already has 802 K's in 1020 IP (Maddux had 738 K's after his first 1174 IP). Zambrano is even better with 740 K's in his first 839 IP, and Bonderman has 479 K's in 605 IP.

The biggest problem with pitchers is questionable longevity due to injuries. Look at guys like Mark Prior & Kerry Wood. These guys could be the top pitchers in the majors, if they were consistently healthy. Glad to see Wood back in the rotation. I'm still rooting for Prior to join him soon!

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