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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Current MLB Rookie Deals
Here are some of the players' rookie cards that I feel are selling for pretty good deals right now.
  • 01 Bowman Chrome Jake Peavy Ref - This card is averaging around $38.50 for the month, with the most recent sales in the low $40's range. I think that if you can find one for below $40 TAC, it's a good price for Peavy's best base RC card. The lowest sale that I saw this month was on 8/5, for $33.82. The highest was on 8/22 for $43.68.

  • 02 Bowman Chrome Draft Cole Hamels - This card is averaging around $23 for the month, but has dropped down to the $17-19 TAC range since his injury. I feel that while he's on the DL, it will probably fall a little lower than it's current level, creating a good buying opportunity. If he can continue his success on the mound when he returns, this card could move back up to to the high $20's/low $30's range again.
  • 02 UD USA J.J. Hardy Auto #'d 375 - This is my favorite Hardy card. It reached into the $60's range a few months ago, but has since fallen to the $20-30 TAC range. I feel that Hardy is a very good investment, not only based on his individual performance, but also because he's a part of a very young & exciting Brewers team, which of course includes the likes of Ryan Braun & Prince Fielder. I'm waiting to snag one for around $20 TAC for my personal collection.

  • 04 Bowman Sterling Scott Kazmir Auto/Jsy - Since his 02 UD Prospect Premiers Auto XRC is still selling for around $80 TAC, I think that this card is a good cheaper alternative for Kazmir fans. It's averaging $15 this month, with a high of $23.24 on 8/13, and a low of $11.59 on 8/22. I'll probably try to pick one up if I can get it for between $10-12 TAC; a good price compared to it's average of around $20 in June, and $16 in July.
  • 02 UD Prospect Premiers Prince Fielder Auto - This card, which averaged around $206 in June and $185 in July, is now averaging $150 in August. It had a high of $205.50 on 8/12, and a low of $124.50 on 8/19. Although it's still probably too much for me to pay for a card, those of you out there that are willing to pay should be able to get a pretty good deal compared to previous months. I don't expect it do fall much more in price than the $120-130 range, since Fielder IS still the NL HR leader right now, with his closest competitor (Adam Dunn), 4 behind him.

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