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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Absence from Posting
I was out of town on business the past few days so I couldn't put up any posts. Last night, in my hotel room, I did watch the Tigers pummel the Yankees for their worst ever away shut-out loss, 16-0. Justin Verlander was awesome. Mike Mussina & and the Yankees were horrible. It's just amazing that a team with so much talent, despite the bad pitching, could be shut out like that. With the offense that they have, they should hardly ever (if not never) lose like that.

Verlander's 05 Bowman Sterling Auto/Jsy RC has been falling in price a little each month, averaging $47.79 TAC in June, $44.53 in July, and now $36.44 in August (through 8/28). This past week it's been selling in the $30-35 range, making it a good time to buy. This guy is going to have a long HOF career, and his cards will see increases in the long term for sure. I personally think that his Sterling RC is one of his best quality base rookie cards, and is very undervalued (along with the entire 05 Sterling RC set).

His 05 Bowman Chrome Auto RC has remained pretty stable at around $80-90 TAC over the past couple of months.

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