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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Youngest to Reach 500 HR

Alex Rodriguez, now sitting on 499 career HR, is about to make history. As of today, Alex is 31 yrs & 364 day old. That gives him 338 days to hit his 500th, and become the youngest ever to reach that mark (Jimmie Foxx is the current youngest, at 32 yrs & 337 days, hit back on 9/24/40). I think it's pretty safe to say he has more than an outside chance to doing it!

His 94 SP RC hasn't reflected the magnitude this impending achievement though, in recent weeks. Over the last two weeks, it's averaged around $101 TAC; a pretty big drop from the previous week of around $128. ARod has been hot, so I'm a little confused about this drop in price. Like I said before, guess it may just be over saturation, since there ARE so many up for sale. Anyway, this is still his best base RC, and a must have for any baseball card collection. So far this week, the TAC low that I've seen was $80.02, and the high was $147.50 (quite a large range). If you can find one at the low end, I would say it's a great buy. After he hits his 500th, I expect the average to raise up to the $120's range again.

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