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Friday, July 27, 2007

Two More Stars on the Verge of Reaching HR Milestones

With two stars already reaching their HR milestones this season (Sammy Sosa - 600 HR & Frank Thomas - 500 HR), we now have two of the highest profile milestones closely approaching: Alex Rodriguez becoming the youngest ever to reach 500 HR & Barry Bonds breaking the all-time record of 755 HR. Both will probably do it in the next week or so, but will the hobby really care? Unfortunately, when other players in the past have reached certain career milestones, they didn't make too many waves in the hobby.

So far from what I've seen, there hasn't been any increased market activity (meaning higher sales prices) for Bonds' RC cards. His unpopularity outside of SF, combined with his steroids scandal will probably keep his cards from seeing any significant spikes in interest.

As I've mentioned about ARod, he's still leading the majors in HR & RBI, but his key 94 SP RC cards seem to be selling at very inconsistent levels, with their average TAC values dropping recently. ARod's cards probably have the better chance to rise because, in addition to his milestone, he's also having a very good season.

The next two players who will reach their HR milestones after Bonds & ARod are Ken Griffey Jr. & Manny Ramirez (Jim Thome is close too, but doesn't have any hobby love). Griffey's 89 UD RC has been selling in the $21 to $45 TAC range, depending on card condition (as stated by seller), time of day auction ends (not always consistent) and how many are up for sale at the same time. Manny's 92 Bowman RC has been slowly creeping up in price this month, with an average TAC of $14.72 the 1st week of July, $17.92 the 3rd week, and now $18.00 this week (I didn't see any raw versions for sale in the 2nd week). This card has potential to return to it's previous glory, and will probably continue to rise as long as Manny keeps on performing.

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