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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Real Deal - Market Report
Here are some actual sales that I've seen recently for high potential players (not yet making the "hot" lists), which I thought were good buys.
04-05 SPx Throwback Josh Childress Auto/Jsy RC - BV$50, actual sale $14.55 (29% of BV)
05-06 SP Game Used Charlie Villanueva RC #'d 999 - BV$15, actual sale $0.99 (7% of BV)
05-06 SP Game Used Rookie Excl Lawrence Roberts Auto RC #'d 100 - BV$ 30, actual $4.99 (17% of BV)

This report's sleeper is Mickael Pietrus (GS Warriors, 03-04 RC year). Pietrus didn't have the quick star career start that others in his RC class had (Lebron, Wade, Carmelo, Bosh...), but he has been quietly posting strong numbers as a starting GF for the Warriors this season (11.1 ppg, 5.9 rpg, .481 3P%). Look for him to be a larger contributor going forward. His key RC cards can still be had at reasonable prices. Some recent sales are: Exquisite Auto/Jsy RC #'d 225 - $142.49 (BV $160 - 89% of BV), Finest Auto RC #'d 999 - $3.00 (BV $12 - 25% of BV). Even though the % of BV for his Exquisite sale doesn't seem that good, almost all other players' Exquisite RCs that I've seen have sold for over BV (Ex. Luke Walton, a comparable player, sold for $165 - 138% of the $120 BV) . I like his SP Game Used Rookie Excl Auto RC #'d 100 which books for $60 and Topps Rookie Photo Shoot Auto #'d 56 at $80. All of his RCs can be had a fairly low % of BV prices (for now!).

Rare Finds
My rare find for this report is the 05-06 Bowman Welcome to the Show Charlie Villanueva Auto/Jsy #'d 5/5. This the only card from this set that I've seen, and its of a player previously listed on my "sleepers" list. This card sold on ebay for $51.01 recently (BV not listed due to scarcity). A very nice pick up for someone wanting a rare RC year card for an up & coming player.

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