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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NBA Sleepers Part 2

Here are a couple other players that I think are undervalued in the hobby:

Zach Randolph (Por Trailblazers, 01-02 RC) - Randolph has been Portland's top scorer & rebounder for the past few seasons. He's starting this season on a tear, with 26 ppg & 10.3 rpg in his first 4 games. I think that he has not received the hobby attention that he deserves partly because Portland is a smaller market, and the team as a whole hasn't done well. He doesn't as many Auto rc's as other players his year. The only ones are Topps Chrome Auto ($20), Topps Pristine Auto ($40), and Topps Xpectations Auto ($20). These are great deals for Auto RC collectors, esp considering that his other higher end non-Auto RCs book for almost the same price, like SPx #'d 1999 ($20), Ultimate Collection #'d 250 ($50), Hoops Hot Prospects Jsy #'d 1000 ($15). But it's all about preference. I personally prefer auto rc's over all others.

Travis Outlaw (Por Trailblazers, 03-04) - This young teammate of Randolph has been brought along very slowly, but with each season, he's seeing more playing time, and is putting up more points & grabbing more boards. He was drafted in the same superstar year as Lebron, Melo, Wade, Bosh, ..... so he hasn't gotten much attention, thus keeping his RC cards at affordable levels. If you look in your Beckett, Outlaw isn't even listed for most of the sets. You could probably pick up some of his quality RCs like SPx Auto/Jsy #'d 1999 for less than $10 on auction (common RC Auto/Jsy book for $40). The only RCs that are listed are Exquisite Collection Auto #'d 225 ($120) & Sweet Shot Signatures Auto #'d 49 ($50). Outlaw came straight out of high school. Jermaine O'neal was also brought along slowly (and also straight out of high school), and look how he turned out!

Both of these guys' RC cards can be found on auction for well below BV (although neither of them have that many RCs on auction, so it might be hard to find their key cards).

more to come!

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