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Friday, August 22, 2008

One to Buy: Edinson Volquez

The Reds' Edinson Volquez has been one of the biggest pitcher success stories of the season. His 15-5 record is amazing, considering his team is 57-72, and his ERA of 2.73 ranks him 3rd in the NL. Despite all this, and his 8.9 K's/9IP, Volquez's cards have been falling in value over the past month. In June, his 05 Bowman Chrome Draft RC averaged around $9.20 TAC. In July it dropped to below $8.50, and in August it can be found for around $4.50. You can find his 05 BCD Ref #'d 500 & Xfractor #'d 250 in the mid to high $20's range.

During the April to June time period, Volquez was red hot, going 10-3 with a 2.08 ERA, putting him on the hobby map. For the month of July, he posted a 4.54 ERA (despite going 3-1), which explains his drop in value. So far in August, he seems to be getting back on track, posting a 2.89 ERA over 3 starts.

Volquez is one of a handful of 25-and-under pitchers that should regularly find a spot atop the statistical charts for years to come. Now appears to be a good time to buy, as the upside potential of his cards outweighs the downside.

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Triple Play said...

Volquez has been great this year. He's been pitching superbly despite being on a last place team. He was knocked around some this July, but he will bounce back.

IMO, one downfall to this card is the photo. He's looking away from the camera, plus he's wearing the FG World team jersey. Its just not a good pic. For some reason alot of the Future Game cards have the player looking off. I think that if he was in a pitcher's stance and wearing a Rangers uniform it would benefit the card itself. Maybe?