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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MLB Rookie Card Update - February '08

Over the last month or so, there seems to have been an increase in rookie card prospecting on the open market. Ken Griffey Jr.'s 89 Upper Deck RC jumped to an average TAC of $30.53; it's highest level since July '07. Collectors know that as long he's able to suit up this season, he should have no problem reaching the 600 HR mark (he's at 593); especially without the steroids/HGH taint that plagued other recent 600 HR hitters like Sammy Sosa.

Alex Rodriguez's 94 SP RC also experienced a jump in value, averaging $141.45 TAC, up from $122.09 a month earlier. His die-cut version was at $154.35, up from $134.42. These price levels are considerably higher than those seen during the season, when he was leading the majors in both HR (54) and RBI (156). I don't know if this increase is the result of people finally realizing that he's really going to be the career HR king, or if new, less experienced buyers are now entering the market and are willing to dish out more $ than others. Who knows? Anyway, now probably isn't the best time to buy.

Matt Holliday's 99 Bowman Chrome RC's value has been slowly creeping up over the last couple of months. It averaged $11.21 in December, $13.39 in January, and $14.88 in February, getting closer to it's peak of $17.83 back in October '07, when his Rockies made that miraculous World Series run. Since Colorado has been locking up most of their players from last season, I would expect that they will compete quite well again in '08.

As soon as trade rumors started circulating during this off-season, Johan Santana's key rookie cards have been on the rise. His 00 Finest RC #'d 3000 averaged $93.15 TAC in December (it peaked at around $70 during the '07 season), then $104.68 in January and $125.06 in February. His 00 Bowman's Best RC #'d 2999 was selling in the high $90's range in February. Santana is arguably the most dominant pitcher in his age group, and he should be able to help the Mets win the NL East, and advance in the post-season in '08.

Last season's NL ROY, Ryan Braun, was one of the hottest players in the hobby after the break in '07. His 05 Bowman Chrome Auto RC peaked out at around $172 TAC in August, then bottomed out at $124.08 in December. It's now back on the rise, averaging $144.18 in February. Also last month, his 05 BC Ref Auto #'d 500 was at $218.83, his 05 BC X-fractor Auto #'d 250 was at $226.50, his 05 Bowman Sterling Auto was at $85.14, and his 05 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Auto was at $51.35.

More to come!

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