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Monday, January 21, 2008

Player Focus: Gerald Wallace

Charlotte's highly athletic forward, Gerald Wallace, is a very exciting player to watch. He became a regular starter when he was selected by the Bobcats in the expansion draft 4 years ago, and has increased his scoring every season since. Through 1/19, he's averaging 21.5 ppg (25.3 ppg in January). Unfortunately, Charlotte won't be winning their division (or even going to the playoffs) any time soon. They are getting better with the addition of players like Jason Richardson, Raymond Felton & Emeka Okafor, but they have a long road ahead of them.

Wallace, unlike a lot of other rookies in 01-02, only has one true base Auto rookie; his SPx Auto/Jsy #'d 800 (actually a total of 2400 since there's 3 versions #'d to 800). It only books for $15 in Beckett, but on the actual market it's selling anywhere between $20 to $40 TAC right now. It's all about timing, so keep an eye on those listed on auction & you might be able to find a decent deal.

Wallace is only 25 years old and is just starting to settle down & focus on playing ball (we hope). I think that with his skill & athleticism, and limited number of Auto rookies, he could be a sleeper hit in the hobby sooner than later.

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