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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

MLB Season Wrap-Up: Part 1

Now that we're over a month out of the postseason, let's take a look at how some players' rookie values have changed during the September through November period (all prices listed below are average TAC for each month; Sep, Oct, Nov).

  • 94 SP Alex Rodriguez: $100.85 -> $99.80 -> $120.50
  • 95 Bowman's Best Vladimir Guerrero: $34.85 -> $34.13 -> $34.13

  • 95 Bowman's Best Andruw Jones: $18.81 -> $20.82 -> $28.99

  • 99 Topps Traded CC Sabathia Auto: $54.09 -> $46.83 -> $31.02

  • 99 Ultimate Victory Josh Beckett: $19.19 -> $30.28 -> $25.62

  • 99 Topps Traded Carlos Pena Auto: $37.70 -> $28.36 -> $18.00

  • 01 Bowman Chrome Ref Jake Peavy: $46.83 -> $38.26 -> $46.28

ARod's SP RC was up at the end of the season (as it should've been), but started to fall when he and the Yankees failed to move past the 1st round of the postseason. It started picking up steam in November with all of the contract renewal & breaking the HR record discussions ensued. I expect it to come down again before the '08 season starts.

What can I say about Vladimir Guerrero? His BB RC has been a steady seller (kind of like how he's such a steady performer).

After a subpar season for Andruw Jones, interest in his BB RC started climbing when speculation of what team he might land him hit the news. Jones' cards will fluctuate as they always do, so buy 'em when he's slumping! Being a Jones fan, I'm holding on to my collection regardless of how his values fare.

C.C. Sabathia's values dropped in each of past three months (kind of like his performances). Winning the Cy Young didn't seem to help his slide either. Beckett's values continued to rise through the World Series, but came down some after he disappointedly didn't win the Cy Young.

Carlos Pena had a spectacular power year, hitting 46 HR & 121 RBI, and was the most improved player in the league (and probably the entire majors). After holding strong value throughout a lot of the season, collectors lost hope on his future prospects and dropped his TT Auto value down to about 1/3 of it's peak price.

Jake Peavy's BC Ref RC card value trend was pretty clear. He had an awesome season, so his values were up in September. He then flopped in the final game of the season vs. the Rockies, blowing his team's chance to go to the postseason: his values dropped. Then he unanimously won the NL Cy Young. You guessed it: values back up again.

Part 2 coming soon!


Sport Blog said...

Surprising to see Sabathia's card value drop so dramatically, even after winning the Cy.

Jim said...

Well now that Andruw is in Dodger Blue I expect a new wave of people buying up his BB and Bowman RCs. That should be a good card to follow through next season.

I think Pena has a hard time getting any respect because of the team he plays on. He put up some monster stats in'07, but isn't as collectible since he's a D'Ray?