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Friday, September 07, 2007

In the News: Erik Bedard

Orioles' ace Erik Bedard may be out for the rest of the season. With a strained right oblique muscle and just 3 weeks left to play, it may not make sense for him to go through rehab and try to return this year (and possibly make his injury worse). Bedard was having a career season, with a 13-5 record, 3.16 ERA and a league-leading 221 K's (a club record for a single season).

Bedard's best rookie, his 01 Donruss Class of 2001 RC #'d 625, was selling for around $60 TAC before his injury. On 9/5, while his immediate future was still up in the air, one sold for $54.01. I expect future sales of this card to drop a little more if he doesn't come back this year. Nothing has indicated that this injury is career threatening, so Bedard should still remain a decent hobby buy. I say just "decent" only because he seems to be a little injury-prone. He definitely has the skill to be a top-notch ace.

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