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Friday, August 03, 2007

Player Update: Elijah Dukes

Things seem to be getting worse for the former D-Rays slugger, Elijah Dukes down to the minors & placed on the temporary inactive list back in June, because of off-the-field problems he was having. Dukes was sent with his wife, who had filed a restraining order against him. Now, Dukes is being accused of harassing his wife over the phone, which is a violation of his restraining order. If he's convicted of this misdemeanor, he could face up to 1 year in jail.

All of Dukes' RC cards have taken huge hits since he was bumped from the D-Rays roster. Both his 07 Bowman Auto & Bowman Blue Auto #'d 500 have dropped from around $12 TAC at the beginning of July, to the $6-$8 range in recent. Back in early June, these two cards were hot sellers for around $20-$30 TAC. Dukes is an extremely high risk investment. If you're willing to take plunge, now is a good time to start scouting out deals on his cards. Be patient though, because his cards are still selling at a wide range of prices (i.e. this month, his Bowman Auto has sold at a high of $14.11, and a low of $5.75 TAC - just one week apart).

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