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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Player Focus: Magglio Ordonez

Magglio Ordonez is having a career season at the plate, hitting a major league-leading .358. He's on track to have 200+ hits and 140+ RBI this season (both firsts for his career). So far, August could be his best month, with him batting .452 with 5 HR, 14 RBI & .511 OBP through 8/12.

As far as the hobby is concerned, Ordonez's cards haven't been in big demand for a while. Even now, with him hitting so well, his cards are selling at affordable price levels. His only rookie year Autos can be found in 98 Donruss Sig (Red /3200, Green /1000 & Blue /100). I saw one of his Green (Millenium Marks) Donruss Sig Autos sell today for $25.50 TAC.

If you're gonna invest in Ordonez, I would suggest sticking to his 3 Autos mentioned above, or his serial #'d cards from '98 (i.e. Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversary #'d 50, Bowman's Best Ref #'d 400 or Atomic Ref #'d 100, ...), since #'d RC's weren't as common back then and should appreciate more than those with unknown production numbers.

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