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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Player Focus: Dan Haren

Oakland's ace Dan Haren has an impressive 14-4 record, with a 2.66 ERA and is averaging 7.58 K's & 2.23 BB's per 9 IP. Unfortunately, he was on pace to have even better stats than that, but has fallen off some over the past two months. Through the end of June, he was 9-2 with a 1.91 ERA. Since then, he's gone 5-2 (generous considering his ERA) with a 4.09 ERA.

Haren's 03 Bowman's Best Auto RC has fallen also, in line with his performance. In June, it was averaging around $40 TAC. In July, it fell to the mid $30's range. Now, in August, it's averaging in the mid $20's. That's a 37.5% drop! With a drastic price change like that, I'm assuming that the price rose too quickly initially, and now the market is correcting itself. Another victim of the "finicky buyer" effect.

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FoulBall said...

Haren falls into a weird category. He's been excellent this year, but his cards haven't reflected his performance. Do people think he's a 1 year wonder? I place him in the same category as Brandon Webb. A very good pitcher, but his cards don't really get the attention like others.