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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great Pitching Match-Ups Tonight

There are several pitching match-ups tonight that should prove to be quite intersting. They are:
  • Jered Weaver (LAA) vs Felix Hernandez (SEA) - W-Hernandez
  • Josh Beckett (BOS) vs Roger Clemens (NYY) - W-Beckett
  • Aaron Harang (CIN) vs Ian Snell (PIT) - W-Snell
  • Johan Santana (MIN) vs C.C. Sabathia (CLE) - W-Santana
  • Andrew Miller (DET) vs Zack Greinke (KC) - W-Greinke
  • Ben Sheets (MIL) vs Carlos Zambrano (CHI) - W-Zambrano
Hernandez is due for an ace-outing. He'll probably go 7 innings, and allow 1 or 2 earned runs, with 8 K's, and Seattles' bats will go to town on Weaver. Beckett will out duel the Rocket, and help the BoSox increase their AL East lead. Ian Snell will stun the crowd by "over-achieving", for his 8-10 record, to out duel the 13-3 Harang. Johan Santana will be dominant as usual. Zack Greinke, although he's been coming out of the bullpen for most of the year, will prevail over Andrew Miller, who's still trying to find his groove after recently returning from the DL. Carlos Zambrano will welcome Ben Sheets back to active duty with a loss, by shutting down the Brewers' young offense.

I'm just writing what comes to mind, so I'll probably be wrong on all of my predictions. Let me know what your thoughts are on these match-ups.

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