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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the News: Big Unit's Future Uncertain

Randy Johnson, one of the best pitchers ever, has spent a lot of time on the DL this year, after having back surgery in the off season. His latest stint on the DL was due to a herniated disc. After about a month without pitching, he threw an equivalent of around 3 innings yesterday, and said that he didn't feel pain, but was tired. It sounds like Johnson is uncertain about his condition, and whether or not he could continue to pitch.

It would be great to see him come back to earn his 300th W (he has 284), but even if he doesn't, he's still on his way to the Hall, and will go down in history as one of the most dominant strike-out pitchers in the game. In the 10 games that he pitched this season, he still averaged 11.43 K's/9 IP (Clemens, who has also pitched 10 games this year, is only averaging 5.74 K's/9 IP)!

I remember hearing on the news several years ago about how a lot of left-handed hitters were scared to face Johnson, because when he was delivering his pitch, the ball would actually be released behind the hitter, and be brought back to the plate in front of them (guess when you're 6'10", you have pretty long arms!).

Anyway, I wish the Big Unit luck in his rehab, and hope that he does return to continue making history.

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