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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Rod On Top Again

Alex Rodriguez has been hot again this month, after a slow May, hitting .440 with 9 HR & 31 RBI through 6/23. His 94 SP RC has been just as hot, jumping from an average TAC of $61.65 during the first week of the month, to $75.88 the 2nd week, to now $91.13 the 3rd week!

Activity on his 94 SP Die-Cut RC has also been decent, when you can find one. I've been seeing about one D/C for every five or six base RC's for sale on auction (at the most). Expect to pay between $90 to $100 TAC (which is actually a good price considering the base sells for pretty much the same amount). There's another D/C auction ending tomorrow, which will give us a good idea of where the market is right now (I'm expecting it to break the $100 mark, especially after A Rod went 8 for 10 in his last two games).

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