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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Peavy RC Year Auto Update

That 01 Topps Fusion Jake Peavy Auto that I mentioned in a previous posting that was at $144.38 with 8 hours left finally sold for a whopping $205.50! Currently there are two listed on auction; one that ends in 3 days with a BIN or Best Offer at $247.44, and one with a fixed price of $203.00 (all incl s&h). Just amazing how this card caught fire in just a week or so, jumping in TAC (total acquisition cost) by well over 200%!

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Joey said...

About a year ago next month this card booked at $125. That is some serious growth. Just my opinion but I think the buyer on this auction over payed in the long term. I like Peavy but I think it was too much to pay for this card.