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Monday, April 23, 2007

Player Focus: Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir Guerrero has quickly become the core of this LA Angels team. The Angels are 9-9 overall this season. With Guerrero they're 9-6; without 0-3. He's battting .400 (1st in MLB) with 5 HR (T4 in AL) and 16 RBI (T3 in AL). There's been so much attention on ARod & Bonds, with their countdowns to their respective milestones (& ARod's season HR count), that a lot of other high achieving players have fallen off of collectors' radars.
Guerrero, as long he stays healthy, will be a member of the 500 HR club within 5 years and 3000 hits club within 7. This .325 career BA slugger is a future HOF'er and only has TWO MLB RC's: 1995 Bowman ($40 BV) & Bowman's Best ($60 BV) (with a refractor parallel-$300 BV). He also has a red hot minor league card from 95 in his SP Top Prospects Auto ($250 BV). All of these cards can be had for under BV. Over the past month, his Bowman has been selling for an average price (incl s&h) of $22.94, and Bowman's Best for $45.96. I saw one of his SP T.P. Auto's sell for $174.49 earlier this month. If you look hard enough, you can probably still find his Bowman for under $20, and his Bowman's Best in the $30 something range. These are investments worth making!

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Joey said...

Its nice to see someone else giving Vlad some props.

This guy is a monster. As a Rangers fan he is the Biggest Monster. He absolutely kills Ranger pitching. I think his cards are undervalued. They may stay that way too unless he can get a ring or two and maybe got to New York or LA.