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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Postgame: The return of Melo

In Carmelo Anthony's first game back, the action was explosive at times, with the allyoop dunks & drives to the basket, but overall the Nuggets were able to cruise in this one-sided game. The Grizzlies were an ideal team to play for Melo's first game back, to allow Denver to ease into their new line-up and have a strong confidence booster. Melo seems to be making some shooting adjustments (which is expected after 36 days out of action), shooting 10-25 from the field, but before we know it he'll be back to his old form, maintaining his position as one of the league's leading scorers.

Their next game, against Seattle, will probably pose a little more of a challenge. The Sonics have a decent young line-up, with double-double guys Chris Wilcox & Nick Collison, and of course, one of the best shooters in the game, Ray Allen.

Relatively speaking, Melo, Iverson & Camby RC's are pretty good deals on auction. Melo & Iverson cards can be found at pretty low % of BV levels. Camby's key cards seem to be selling at higher % of BV levels, but that's because his BV's are undervalued.

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