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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Player Focus: Marcus Camby

In my opinion, Marcus Camby is the best defensive player in the league. His stats (and his RC values) just don't do him justice. He of course grabs boards & blocks shots, but he also causes turnovers and creates opportunities for his teammates (and scores a little too - averaging 12 ppg). One huge problem that he's had is staying away from injury. In his last 5 seasons, he's only averaged 50 games per season, meaning that his team(s) have only been able to benefit from his superb skills 61% of the time!

I remember being impressed with Camby's play back when he was at UMass, and I've been hoping for him to succeed in the NBA ever since. If he can stay healthy, he will provide the defense & support to go along with an already powerful offense, allowing the Nuggets to make a run at the Western Conf title game with the Suns.

Camby's best 96-97 RCs are: E-X2000 Credentials #'d 499 ($30) & Flair Showcase Legacy Collection #'d 150 ($40) - his only two serial #'d RC cards; Skybox Premium Autographics Black Ink Auto ($20), Blue Ink Auto ($40) and Emerald Auto ($40) - his only autographed RC year cards; and of course Topps Chrome Refractor ($80) - his most expensive RC card. One other RC cards that combines scarcity & low BV is his Ultra Platinum Medallion RC, which has less than 250 copies (not sure if cards are #'d or not).

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